Rix.GG is an esports organisation founded with the goal of giving players an opportunity to pursue esports full time and reach their true potential. Too often high skilled players are forced to manage full-time jobs, education, and other commitments as they try and make their esports dreams come true, and very few manage to make it to the big leagues. 

Rix.GG aims to change that by scouting promising teams and players and giving them full-time contracts to allow them to achieve their full potential. By providing all the support players need to achieve their goals Rix.GG aims to breed world championship-winning teams across a number of games. 

Founded by Jamie Lewis and a team of investors in 2020, Rix.GG launched by signing one of the UK’s best Valorant teams, featuring homegrown talent from the CS:GO scene who transitioned to Valorant hoping to finally get their big break. With the backing of Rix.GG the players were able to go full time in Valorant and quickly rose through the ranks, competing in the top level of European competition. 

As Rix.GG expands, the organisation plans to find similar rosters in other titles, and also support the wider esports scene with tournaments and other events. 

For general enquires: contact@rix.gg

For media and PR enquires: press@rix.gg

For sponsorship partnerships: jamie@rixdigital.co.uk