We Fuel Your Esports Passion.

We Believe Esports Is for Everyone.

We Value Sportsmanship and Integrity.

We Create Change with The Esports Industry.

Rix.GG aspires to become a tier-one esports organization within its first year of operation.

What can we say?

We Dream Big.

Our Story

Our org was established during the first lockdown after founder and CEO, Jamie Lewis secured initial funding in the project.

Rix.GG officially launched to the public on 27 July 2020 with one of the UK’s best VALORANT teams which established us at the top of EU competition.

Over the first six months Rix.GG also added its first Rocket League roster and began to compete at the highest levels.

Since launch, Rix.GG has become a staple for grassroots competition in VALORANT and more recently CSGO, bringing with it a large audience in competitive FPS games.

Furthermore, it is the leading and sole provider of all women and marginalized gender tournaments with broadcast in the EU, inspiring the next generation of talent.

We partner with a number of creative, talented, and inspiring Content Creators focused on strongly engaged communities across a range of titles.

As Rix.GG expands, the organization plans to find similar rosters in other titles, and also support the wider esports scene with tournaments and other events.