Jack “kpiz” Pragnell

Role: Captain – “I am the clutch master, support extraordinaire. I facilitate the other team members and aim to help them when I can.”

Favorite Agent: Reyna

Goal for the future: “To be the best player in the world at my role.”

Harry “DPS” MacGill

Role: In Game Leader – “I try to come up with a lot of the strats that we run, as well as making sure I lead the team in the game.”

Favorite Agent: Omen

Goal for the future: “Stabilising my team as a top five European team and constantly competing for the top European events.”

Tautvydas “hype” Paldavicius

Role: Entry Fragger – “I run in and hopefully get two or three kills.”

Favorite Agent: Raze and Phoenix

Goal for the future: “Winning an event hosted by Riot Games.”

Brandon “weber” Weber

Role: Veteran – “As the most experienced player in the team I take on the role of trying to assist everyone when it comes to mistakes we have made and how to fix them.”

Favorite Agent: Cypher

Goal for the future: “Win every tournament in the upcoming months.”