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Rix.GG, UnifyOnline, and sponsor HelloPlayerOne announce first Valorant Cup

Rix.GG, UnifyOnline, and sponsor HelloPlayerOne announce first Valorant Cup

Today, Rix.GG, UnifyOnline and sponsor HelloPlayerOne announce their first official tournament for Valorant, called the Rix.GG Cup. 

The Rix.GG Cup will take place on the 26th and the 27th of September 2020 from 12:00 PM GMT to 10:00 PM GMT both days.  

The Rix.GG Cup is open to everyone — any team can sign up with free entry! The competition will feature 64 teams in total from across the UK and the EU in a 5v5 double-elimination format, meaning if you lose two BO1 matches, you are knocked out. Winners advance to the next round until the grand final, where the two finalist teams battle in a best-of-three series for a chance to take home first prize!

The prize pool is  £1000.00 (GBP) total, where the winners of the event will receive £750.00 GBP and 2nd place will be awarded £250.00 GBP.

Hosting the event will be casters George “Bofferzz” Bray and Connor “Mez” Meredith. 

Interested teams can sign up at https://helloplayer.one/tournament/852

Prize: £750.00 GBP (First); £250.00 GBP (Second)
Number of teams: 64

Entry Fee: FREE

Format: 5v5, double elimination BO1, winners advance until two teams reach the grand final. Grand final is BO3.
Date: 25 September + 26 September + 27 September 2020
Time: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT

Broadcast: will be live from  RixGG_ on Twitch
Casters: @Bofferzz and @Connor_Mez

 Good luck to all the teams entering the first-ever Rix.GG Cup!

About UnifyOnline
UnifyOnline, founded in April 2020, is a grassroots esports tournament brand specialising in hosting Valorant competitions for both professional and casual teams in the UK.

About HelloPlayer.One
HelloPlayer.One is the next big gaming platform. It’s for everyone. Newbies, Pros, and everything in between. Host your first own competition or join existing ones now. Learn more at https://helloplayer.one/

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