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Rix.GG hires Filip “SmX” Liljeström as Esport Operations Manager

Rix.GG hires Filip “SmX” Liljeström as Esport Operations Manager

Rix.GG, one of the fastest-growing UK esports organisations, announces it has hired Filip “SmX” Liljeström as Esport Operations Manager.

Filip “SmX” Liljeström is an esports World Champion in Heroes of the Storm and a two-time Blizzcon Finalist. In 2019, he successfully switched from the role of a pro gamer to Team Management and Esports Operations during his six-year career at FNATIC. At Rix.GG Filip will create a flexible and scalable system between esports and operations departments as well as streamlining communication within the business. In addition, Filip will assist our Head of Esports to grow the pro gaming department and will give Rix.GG the support to expand into additional esports titles.

Jan “Careion” Hoffmann, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re very excited to welcome Filip as our new Esport Operations Manager. As a former professional player and World Champion, he has the right skillset to help us take our esport operations to the next level. Having worked with Filip as his coach, manager and later management colleague at FNATIC, I know 100% that he will bring extreme dedication, excellence and experience like no other to Rix.GG. Welcome Friend!” 

Filip “SmX” Liljeström, Esport Operations Manager, said: “I’m incredibly happy to finally be able to announce that I’ve joined forces with Rix.GG as an Esports Operations Manager. I will assist our Pro Gaming department in expanding as well as running as smoothly as possible. I’ve been given an incredibly warm welcome so far, and I’m incredibly excited to reunite with my old friend Jan “Careion” Hoffmann, as well as Nicole “Wolf” Sølvmose.”