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Rix.GG signs Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke to its Rocket League Team

Rix.GG signs Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke to its Rocket League Team

Rix.GG, a fast-growing and top UK esports organisation, announces the signing of Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke to its Rocket League team.

Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke is a British Rocket League player with an outstanding career playing at the highest levels of the esport. Prior to signing with Rix.GG he’s played on a long list of incredible Rocket League teams going back to 2017. Jack has put in a lot of work in the Rocket League scene, his best result was coming 1st in the WSOE Showdown in 2019.

Coaching the team is James “JG7” Guarino and the team manager will continue to be Lloyd “Freecant” Gauld.

James “JG7” Guarino, Rocket League Coach, said: “I am incredibly excited to work with speed to help him prove to everyone that he can compete at the top of Rocket League. He is an incredibly coachable player who offers us so much individually, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what he can really do.”

Lloyd “Freecant” Gauld, Rocket League Manager, said: “I am very happy with the acquisition of Speed, I think he will bring experience and a new dynamic to the team that we have not seen before. I’m excited for this team to prove that they can compete at the very top level of Rocket League and get the results they deserve.”