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Rix.GG shares Huntress Trials Day One Recap

Rix.GG shares Huntress Trials Day One Recap

Rix.GG, a top UK esports organisation, announces a recap for the events of Huntress Trials Day One. Along with a format change from Bo1 double elimination to a Bo1 Round Robin for seeding, there was plenty of excitement to be had for all participants.

In the first match of the day, LaGals vs Bab Bros, there were some technical issues with the stream initially. However, once the match was completed, both teams were invited to a second match, off-stream, to ensure the competitive integrity of the results. The initial results on stream were 13 – 2 in favour of LaGals. In the second match-up, the results were 13 – 1 in favour of LaGals.

The stream then proceeded onto the second match of the day which saw Last Minute take on Unlucky. The match was very close between both teams, but in the end, it was Unlucky that took the victory 11 – 13.

Following a short break the third match picked up the action this time seeing defence-heavy Unlucky taking on the Bab Bros. After an intense game, where Unlucky appeared to find their stride, they took the point winning 13 – 5.

The last game of the day was TeamW vs _Impact_ after some incredible gameplay TeamW took home the victory 13 – 3.

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