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Rix.GG samples ‘Neu’ sports performance drink

Rix.GG samples ‘Neu’ sports performance drink

London, UK – 13 July 2021: Rix.GG was kindly given the chance to test a new sports performance drink: Neu Water.

Neu Water produces sports performance drinks to enhance the endurance, performance and recovery of athletes. Their drinks don’t contain too many sugars, sweeteners or strong flavours. Instead, they are subtly flavoured, but not overpowering. They also contain lots of vitamins and electrolytes to help athletes stay hydrated. Besides, they are sustainably sourced and made from completely recyclable materials.

Neu Water drinks are made for almost everyone. They are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.

If you feel like your drink doesn’t fit your needs, Neu Water can also create a bespoke drink just for you. Just get in touch with Neu Water!

To hear more about joining the Rix.GG business community, please email rich@rix.gg

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