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Rix.GG hires Robin “xavalosh” Willmes as VALORANT Team Manager

Rix.GG hires Robin “xavalosh” Willmes as VALORANT Team Manager

Rix.GG, one of the UK’s fastest-growing esports organisations, announces Robin “xavalosh” Willmes will join its growing team.

Robin “xavalosh” Willmes began his esports career as a team manager for the Leftovers Heroes of the Storm roster. And has worked as an analyst and tournament admin while at Method. Robin shares in Rix.GG’s overall vision of becoming a tier 1 esports organisation and will bring a wealth of experience, structure, and shared player values to the team.

Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “Handing over the baton of Valorant Team Manager was something that was never going to be easy, but having Robin as the person I’m handing over to gives me absolute confidence due to his views on Team Management that resonate with myself. I’m incredibly grateful to have him join Rix.GG and look after our Valorant Team!”

Robin “xavalosh” Willmes, VALORANT Manager, said: “I’m beyond excited to join the ranks at Rix.GG. It’s refreshing being part of an organization that values player care and happiness as highly as I do, making sure the players are looked after while they focus on crushing their opponents.

In the short time, this Valorant squad’s been together, they’ve been showing incredible improvements daily. Their work ethic and comradery will push them to the world stage and I’m stoked to support them and Rix.GG in their dream to bring home the trophies.”