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Rix.GG Hires Nicole Sølvmose as Head of Esports Inclusion

Rix.GG Hires Nicole Sølvmose as Head of Esports Inclusion

Rix.GG, a fast-growing and top UK esports organisation, announces Nicole Sølvmose will head up a new Esports Inclusion division within its organisation.

Rix.GG is deeply committed to growing grassroots esports within the UK and EU as part of this initiative, it also recognises the importance of creating positive, inclusive, and welcoming communities for underrepresented people within the esports industry.

At Rix.GG Nicole will be responsible for developing a competitive scene, tournaments, and creating inclusive policies and programmes for the organisation. Nicole is a former professional League of Legends player who made the switch to team manager while working for Galaxy Racer.

Jamie Lewis, founder and CEO, said: “Nicole brings an incredible background within esports and top tier performance. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table with grassroots inclusivity for all in mind. At Rix.GG we’re committed to making sure esports opportunities are available for everyone.”

Nicole Sølvmose, Head of Esports Inclusion, said: “For the last nearly 5 years I have been fighting to encourage more women and marginalized genders to enter the competitive and professional side of Esports. Every aspect of Esports is for everyone and anyone should be able to enter it, safely without being harassed. Rix.GG has given me the opportunity and the lead of developing the female and marginalized genders competitive side of Esports, while also creating safe spaces of inclusion for everyone.

I am over the moon to work for Rix.GG, an organization, that wants to make a positive change within Esports. This team has their heart and visions in the right place! Together we will bring down barriers.”


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