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Rix.GG hires Jay “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin as VALORANT team manager

Rix.GG hires Jay “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin as VALORANT team manager

London, UK – 4 June 2021: Rix.GG, a top UK esports organisation, announces Jay “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin will be the VALORANT team manager for the Thunder roster.

Jay “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin started his esports career in 2014 and entered the scene as a professional player for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In 2017 he moved to the UK to study Esports. His working relationship with Rix.GG began when he observed for our VALORANT tournament and later our CS:GO events. His work ethic, tenacity, organisation, and player-first management style made him a strong candidate throughout the hiring process. His main goal will be to help make life easier for our Thunder roster, by pushing the team to succeed with one hand and clearing the path for them with the other.

Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “I’m unbelievably happy to have Jay join Rix.GG as our Valorant Team Manager for Thunder. He’s a great guy and we share the same values and style of management which is clear through the work he’s done with us over the last few weeks. It’s a pleasure to have Jay on this journey with us and I’m excited to see where he can help us take Rix.GG in the upcoming future!”

Jay “Salty_Jay” Batzofin, Valorant Manager, said: “I’m extremely excited to be serving the Rix.GG Thunder players as their team manager and humbled to be invited to join the team. It’s an exciting journey to be sure and while I’ll make no promises to what the team will achieve while I’m serving as their team manager, I can promise that I’ll do everything to help them reach their goals. Every ounce of effort the team puts in I’ll match. The team is ready and I’m ready. We’ll see you at LAN!”


You can find more information about the current Rix.GG Thunder roster here: https://rix.gg/valorant-team/