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Rix.GG expands team support with Analyst Laika “Laika” Lewis

Rix.GG expands team support with Analyst Laika “Laika” Lewis

Rix.GG, a top and fast-growing UK esports organisation, announces it has expanded its VALORANT team support offerings with the hire of game analyst Laika “Laika” Lewis. 

Laika “Laika” Lewis has been at Rix.GG for about a month providing additional support, information, reports, and analysis to the VALORANT team. At Rix.GG Laika gives the VALORANT players a more in-depth understanding of the game to improve VOD reviews, IGL play calls, preparation for individual matches, and is developing in-house tools to increase overall team performance. Previously, Laika has coached top-level teams in the EU and NA teams, served as an individual coach, and has a strong analytical background in FPS and MOBA titles.

Jamie Lewis, founder and CEO, said: “First and foremost, our aim here at Rix.GG is to give the best possible opportunities to young, hard-working people. Laika is a double-edged sword in this field, as an extremely talented analyst, and as a young talented person. We look forward to watching them grow, as they help our VALORANT offering grow. 

Laika “Laika” Lewis, said: “I’m thrilled to be working with the staff and players at Rix.GG! The organisation has been growing so fast and I can’t wait to be part of the story, I’m so excited to be part of helping Rix.GG become a tier 1 organisation. I have a lot to do and achieve with the VALORANT team. I have full faith in them and all of the resources to show everyone what I can do!”