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Rix.GG welcomes Nicole “Noia” Tierce to VALORANT Lightning Roster

Rix.GG welcomes Nicole “Noia” Tierce to VALORANT Lightning Roster

Rix.GG, a top UK esports organisation, announces the signing of Nicole “Noia” Tierce to its VALORANT Lightning roster.

Nicole “Noia” Tierce is a Danish VALORANT player who has recently started to play competitively. She started her competitive career at team fReya and finished 3rd/4th place in Huntress Trials. Noia has now joined Rix.GG where she has found a safe space to grow and learn as a professional player. She’ll be having her debut on Rix.GG Lightning on 11-12th of September playing in the Women in Games community CUP, showcasing the top 8 European female and marginalised gender teams.

Nicole Sølvmose, Head of Esports Inclusion, said: “After two months of incredibly hard work and lots of great trials, we’re happy to finally be able to announce that Nicole will be our 5th member on Lightning. Noia is an incredibly talented girl as well as being mature for her age, she fits right in with the rest of the roster. I can’t wait to see the growth the team will undergo together, and which titles they will be conquering. We’re coming for you VCT Gamechangers!”

Nicole “Noia” Tierce, VALORANT player, said: “I chose to join the Lightning team cause I want to show that women can compete in games alongside men. Rix.GG have also been really supportive and accepting even though I’m young and somewhat new to the competitive scene.”


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