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Rix.GG Cup winners are the Purple Cobras!

Rix.GG Cup winners are the Purple Cobras!

Rix.GG, an esports organisation, announces the winners of the Rix.GG Cup hosted by UnifyOnline and sponsored by HelloPlayerOne as the Purple Cobras.

The Rix.GG Cup event began on Friday 25 September 2020, with 62 starting teams. After a few rounds of double-elimination competition, several front runners started to emerge including Wave Esports, ShadowzGG, STR99, G2G Esports, Purple Cobras and Velocity.

During the intense quarterfinals of the Rix.GG Cup: HSDIRR took down Sparkx Esports 13:10, ShadowzGG fell to STR99 5:13, zarplata won against iPon, Team Horizon reapers 13:10, Flawless lost to Purple Cobras 10:13. 

The remaining four teams battled hard during the semifinals where HSDIRR lost to STR99 9:13. In the other semifinals game zarplata lost against Purple Cobras 9:13. 

The upper bracket finals saw STR99 vs Purple Cobras in a Bo3 ending 1:2, STR99 fought hard, but was knocked to the lower bracket finals. 

The lower bracket final saw STR99 battle one more time for a shot at the prize pool against G2G Esport. In the end G2G Esport came out on top 1:2. 

The Rix.GG Cup final had the Purple Cobras facing off against G2G Esport. The first map the teams battled on Bind in a very close contest, where Purple Cobras came out ahead, 14:12. On the second map, chosen by G2G Esports, was Ascent, where G2G Esports did not have an answer for the aggressive style of the Purple Cobras. The Purple Cobras were undefeated in the Rix.GG Cup and took home first prize! 

The Purple Cobras team was composed of VlaDeDe, Hugstar, nixoon, fanCy, and M4CHINA.

Speaking about the win VlaDeDe, said, “I’m feeling very happy and proud of my team.

Because we played only one week together. We didn’t have a lot of practice, and we had a lot of things to change in order to fix it.”

Jamie Lewis, founder, said: “Rix.GG is continuing its commitment to grassroots esports, particularly in Valorant. It was an amazing weekend of competition that brought together teams and players of all skill levels. We’ll see you at the next one!”

The overall MVP of the Rix.GG Cup was @tul1ppp from G2G Esports, as voted by the staff at UnifyOnline and Rix.GG.

The full Spike.GG interview with the Purple Cobras can be found here: https://twitter.com/THESPIKEGG/status/1310332795638743047?s=20

You can re-watch the event either on the Rix.GG Esports channel: https://www.twitch.tv/rixesports

Or on UnifyOnline: https://www.twitch.tv/unifyonline