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Rix.GG and Tom “otom” Hart part ways

Rix.GG and Tom “otom” Hart part ways

Rix.GG, a top and fast-growing UK esports organisation, announces it has mutually parted ways with VALORANT player Tom “oTom” Hart.

Tom “oTom” Hart was part of the roster that made the EU Main Event for Challengers #3 of VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). Tom “oTom” Hart will be taking a step back from VALORANT esports competition to focus on finishing his undergraduate degree in science.

Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “Tom has been an amazing individual throughout his time here at Rix.GG, as well as someone I can certainly call a friend. I wish him the best of luck going forward and hope it’s not too long until our paths cross again.” 

Jay Batzofin, VALORANT Manager, said: “Tom is an amazing player and a great person. Seeing him leave Rix.GG to finish his degree and experience university life is bittersweet. I know he won’t stay out of the scene long. I’ll be surprised if he even makes it through uni without joining a team of some description. I wish him the very best, there’s a lot of life out there waiting to be experienced by Tom and I’m sure whatever path he ends up taking he’ll excel in it. If he comes back to VALORANT there’s not a team out there that’ll regret picking him up. Enjoy the streaming mate and I hope you get everything you can out of uni. Goodbye for now, friend.”