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Rix.GG acquires Valorant esports tournament organiser UnifyOnline

Rix.GG acquires Valorant esports tournament organiser UnifyOnline

London, UK – 21 August 2020: Rix.GG, a brand new esports organisation, announces the acquisition of UnifyOnline, a grassroots esports tournament organiser known for hosting Valorant tournaments for hundreds of players in the EU, many from the UK, to offer a better platform for up and coming esports professionals.

The purchase of UnifyOnline, based in the UK, further increases Rix.GG’s share in the esports industry by creating more cash opportunities, better infrastructure, and more industry collaboration. “We set out to make Rix.GG an organisation focused on the growth and development of esports players in the UK across a wide variety of games. We aim to do that by supporting grassroots esports organisations like UnifyOnline, who do a valuable service to future FPS stars. Their dedicated audience, paired with our investment means we will have the infrastructure and backing to hold new recurring esports tournaments and events in the future.” said Jamie Lewis, founder of Rix.GG.

Harry “H4zardG” Godridge, founder of UnifyOnline, and newly appointed Events Manager at Rix.GG said: “I’m really excited for the future of UnifyOnline with Rix.GG acquiring the brand. It will enable much bigger tournaments, events, and more regular streams to be done. We won’t forget about the teams who have made UnifyOnline possible and grassroots Valorant in the UK is our main focus!”

“I’m excited to be a part of the new and improved Unify. I’ve been here from the beginning, casting and producing the streams for every tournament they have put on. It’s an honour to be involved with them and stand alongside them with their bigger and better endeavours into VALORANT and hopefully other esports to come!” said caster, George “Bofferzz” Bray.

Caster Connor “Mez” Meredith said: “Since being here from the start with Unify I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the company and the people involved, I am excited to move forward together and see the new and improved Unify in full action. It is time to take Unify and ourselves to the next level.”