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Rix Announces the signing of Static

Rix Announces the signing of Static

London, UK – 06 July 2022: Rix.GG, a subsidiary of X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd and an inclusive UK and European focused esports organisation, announces the acquisition of a new Valorant team. Powered by Beyond NRG.


Static will be Rix’s new academy-like Valorant team, focusing on enabling the players to achieve the highest level of performance alongside frequent content creation. Static are currently competing in the Northern Europe Beacons VRC where they currently sit in 5th position with 140 points.


Peter ‘Peter’ Ransome – Initiator

Sergio ‘Serjino’ Stait – Sentinel 

Lewis ‘lewturn’ Turner – Initiator

Hieu ‘ReQz’ Moss – Duelist

Elliot ‘Pegsazeus’ Sinclair – Controller 


Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “I’m incredibly excited for this fresh take on team construction that we’re developing here. This is a team of incredibly skilled players that, with our help, can have a bright future in Tier 2 and even Tier 1 esports.”


Elliot ‘Pegsazeus’ Sinclair, Valorant player, said: “I am so happy to be able to play under the organisation that took me under as a streamer and be able to bring through this new team! We all haven’t been a part of a team or been given many chances individually, So it feels amazing to be able to hang with the top amateur teams already as a new team! We will be improving every day!”