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Rix announces BeyondNRG as a headline sponsor

Rix announces BeyondNRG as a headline sponsor

London, UK – 04 July 2021: Rix.GG, a subsidiary of X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd and an inclusive UK and European focused esports organisation, announces Beyond NRG as a headline sponsor.

Beyond NRG will stand as Rix’s exclusive energy and supplement partner, focusing on enabling the players to achieve the highest level of performance with their product.

Rix.GG would like to thank Beyond NRG for the manner in which this partnership has begun, and together focusing on the like-minded goal of driving success in new and exciting ways.

Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “Beyond NRG’s way of changing the game and rewriting the formula is something that I’ve personally aspired to do in my esports career as well as being a goal here at Rix. I’m incredibly excited to work with a brand that I’ve loved for so long, and also to get the chance to work with such a great team.”

Maximilian Arifi, Beyond NRG Partnerships Executive, said: I am really happy about Rix joining the family. I think with Beyond NRG we found a great partner and I am looking forward to a successful journey – together”