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Player Profile: Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado

Player Profile: Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado

Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado has been chasing the dream of becoming a professional esports athlete since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched in 2016. Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado competed on several teams including Maestro Esports and Bullmys while playing CSGO. Raina has been playing VALORANT since the beta and gathered women to participate in the first VALORANT female tournament for fun, where she met current teammate Padge. At Rix.GG, Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado hopes to reach her full potential with this team and to bring home many titles.

Nelly “Raina” Sosobrado, said:  “I have always had a burning interest to become a professional e-sport athlete. But I’ve always been afraid of reaching higher levels, because I am a female. Being signed with an organization that supports females and marginalized genders 100% is a dream come true. I cannot put to words of how grateful I am for this opportunity for me and my team. Being part of an org that believes in each of us feels surreal. With the amount of support we are already receiving there’s no doubt that me and my team will reach our full potential very soon. Female teams AND male teams you better watch out!”

You can follow Rix.GG on Twitter and use the hashtag #GatherTheStorm

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