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Player Profile: Maria ‘6sonya’ Istrate

Player Profile: Maria ‘6sonya’ Istrate

Maria “6sonya” Istrate joins Rix.GG Lightning and will be the secondary IGL bringing strong leadership skills, talent, and esports knowledge to the team. Prior to joining Rix.GG, Maria “6sonya” (‘sicksonya’) Istrate was a primary school teacher by day and a tournament organiser and admin in the evenings and weekends. She did this for over a year to help other women thrive in esports.

Maria ‘6sonya’ Adnana, said: “Rix.GG stood out to me as the organisation that had the most genuine approach to helping women grow in esports too. An important personal goal of mine is to become a role model for the VALORANT female scene in terms of work ethic and achieving superior performance.”

You can follow Rix.GG on Twitter and use the hashtag #GatherTheStorm

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