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Player Profile: Daniela “Jupi” Gradl

Player Profile: Daniela “Jupi” Gradl

Daniela “Jupi” Gradl or YoJupi is a well-known VALORANT streamer and player naturally thriving in the competitive scene. Daniela will be the IGL for Rix.GG Lightning due to her level of tactical game knowledge and leadership. You can watch Daniela stream daily at YoJupi on Twitch.

When asked about why she joined Rix.GG, Daniela “Jupi” Gradl, said:  “I wanted to join Rix.GG as I feel like Rix has a genuine interest in equality and player care. I felt I could trust staff when they contacted our team, everything was very clear and was done in a friendly yet professional manner. Rix.GG was very clear about what they wanted to offer us, an equal opportunity for our team to show what talent we had, and we are thirsty to show that we have what it takes to be the best, so it felt perfect for us to join Rix.GG Lightning.”

When asked about what she would like to accomplish, Daniela “Jupi” Gradl, said: “I aspire to be a role model for women and marginalised genders in esports, to show people that we shouldn’t be ashamed to be gamers, and that you should never give up! In my team, I would like to become the best all-female team in the world as well as competing at a T1 level. I’d also like to build a strong friendship with my teammates and other staff/streamers/players who are with Rix.GG.”

You can follow Rix.GG on Twitter and use the hashtag #GatherTheStorm

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