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Huntress Trials April: Day Two Recap

Huntress Trials April: Day Two Recap

The Huntress Trails – VALORANT April hosted and sponsored by Rix.GG was open to female and marginalised gender teams across select countries in the EU.

The competition had 16 teams in total from across the EU the majority from Turkey, in a 5v5, single-elimination bracket, best of 3 (Bo3). The winners from the Semi Final bracket will advance to the Grand Final which will be a best of 3 (Bo3) with a chance to take home the first prize.

The prize pool is £2000.00 GBP total, where the winners of the event will receive £1000.00 GBP, 2nd place £500.00 GBP and 3rd & 4th place will be awarded £250.00 GBP.

From day one the following teams advance LaGals, Oxxgen, GangsterzZ, and ChatBanned of these teams, only Oxxgen is signed to an esports organisation. 

Semi Final

LaGals vs Oxxgen

The first map was Bind 13-5 to LaGals, second map was Ascend 13-10 to Oxxgen, and the third map was Split 13-3 to LaGals.

Oxygen Esports advances to the Grand Final!

GangsterzZ vs ChatBanned

The first map was Bind 13-8 to ChatBanned and the second map was Split 13-9 to ChatBanned.

ChatBanned advance to the Grand Final!

Grand Final 

Oxxgen vs ChatBanned

The Grand Final of Huntress Trials April began on Ascent where the score was 13:6 to Oxxgen.

The second map was Bind 13:11 to Oxxgen!

Oxxgen Esports (OXG) are the Huntress Trials – VALORANT – April Open – EU Champions!

Congrats from all of us at Rix.GG, our supporting staff, and our entire production team.

If you missed the Grand Final you can watch all the action on YouTube.