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Happy International Women’s Day to all of the esports professionals that have supported us!

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the esports professionals that have supported us!

Yinsu Collins – Interviewed Rix.GG Lightning Valorant Roster

Samantha Timms – Huntress Trials Caster

Layla Ashwell – Huntress Trials Caster

Cynthia Ebert – Huntress Trials Observer and Producer 

Sam Fry – Huntress Trials Observer

Anna Moller – Huntress Trials Tournament Administrator

Grace – Huntress Trials Caster

Michelle Egeberg – Graphic Design

Morgan Ashurst – British Esports Association

Alice Leaman – British Esports Association 

Stace Holbrook – Huntress Trials Tournament Administrator

Ally – Huntress Trials Tournament Administrator 

CastersNest VALORANT – Huntress Trails – French Stream

Dr Michelle Pain – Esports Performance

We would like to thank the other countless badass women who have supported us, shared knowledge, and helped us when we needed it most!

And of course, a big thank you to our players, content creators, and our staff (past and present), we wouldn’t be here without you! 

Noia – VALORANT Lightning Player

Padge – VALORANT Lightning Player

Raina – VALORANT Lightning Player

Sia – VALORANT Lightning Player 

6Sonya – VALORANT Lightning Player (Previous) 

Jupi – VALORANT Lightning Player (Previous)

aNNja – VALORANT Lightning Player (Previous) 

KayPea – Content Creator and Twitch Streamer

Miss Rage – Content Creator and Twitch Streamer

Senpai Hades – Content Creator and Twitch Streamer

Emrys – Variety Streamer

Nic Sølvmose – Head of Esports Inclusion, Lightning Team Manager

Jorden Dakin-White – Head of PR and Content, Founder of Huntress Trials

Kseniia Putiatina – Finance and HR Manager 

Klara Hoffmann – Operations Assistant 

Laura Weisgerber – Communications Assistant

Partners and other inclusive spaces

Are you looking for other welcoming spaces for women within the esports industry? Here are a few we currently support or have previously supported and those that have supported us!


Girls’ House

TFT: Counter’s Casual Competition

Women in Games

Women in Games – Esports

Women in Esports – British Esports Association

Esports is for everyone.


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