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Coach Spotlight: David “M0Z1LLA” Tovmasyan

Coach Spotlight: David “M0Z1LLA” Tovmasyan

We sat down with our League of Legends Wild Rift coach David “M0Z1LLA” Tovmasyan to discuss the future of the team and his takes on competitive mobile gaming.

What are your goals for the team?

M0Z1LLA: “Our main goal is to be the best team in the world, with our current streak of dominance in Europe we are confident in our ability to extend our success into the international stage.”

What does the future look like for mobile gaming?

M0Z1LLA: “I think mobile gaming is definitely on the rise, as a person that has never really had any interest in mobile games before Wild Rift I can say I regret not having paid more attention to some of the titles that have paved the way for the mobile competitive scene. The mobile gaming wave has already arrived in most Asian countries and the west is sure to follow suit in the future.”

In your opinion, what is the teams biggest strengths?

M0Z1LLA: “The thing that makes us out as a team aside from the general talent of the players, is our agility to adapt to changes in a short span of time due to our willingness to try out new stuff and always innovate we are able to play many different styles and champions and are thus very hard to predict in a tournament.”

What do you add as a coach to the team?

M0Z1LLA: “I’ve joined the team during their run of dominance and the most important thing I keep telling myself is that I need to listen to the players and involve them into the process of drafting and strategy. I help point out issues in their gameplay and decision making and offer a different viewpoint so that the team can come to an effective solution.”

How is the team feeling ahead of the Origin Series?

M0Z1LLA: “We are confident and raring to go our practice and hard work has lead us into Origin Series as the number 1 seed of the tournament and we are ready to cement our name in the history of Wild Rift as the winners of the first European LAN event.”

What do you think about the Horizon Cup?

M0Z1LLA: “We were already going into the Origin Series expecting it to be our gateway into international competition, so the Horizon Cup only made us want to win even more so we can prove ourselves against the best teams the world has to offer.”

*the interview took place prior to the Grand Final of Origin Series, where the team took second place