Rix.GG announces Fall Guys tournament to raise money for mental health awareness charity Mind

2 October 2020

Today, Rix.GG, a UK esports organisation announces its first official Fall Guys tournament, called the Rix.GG Crown Cup. Participants of the Rix Crown Cup will be raising money for the mental health advocacy charity Mind and have a shot to take home a share of the £2000 prize pool.

Since the inception of the esports organisation in July, Rix.GG is committed to increasing mental health awareness within the gaming industry. During the tournament, players will raise money in aid of Mind using the Rix.GG Crown Cup JustGiving page while they compete on stream. Rix.GG will support players with overlays, incentive ideas, alert ideas, and other items as needed.

Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem by campaigning to improve services, raise awareness, and promote understanding. The charity is committed to increasing awareness within the gaming community through its campaign to play for better mental health, called #SwitchOffGameOn.

The competition will feature a total of 32 participants, 12 of which will be pre-selected. The remaining 20 slots will be filled by application on the Rix.GG website. All streamers are encouraged to apply!

The current prize pool is £2000.00 (GBP) total, sponsored by Rix.GG.

  • First first place will receive £1250.00 GBP
  • Second place will be awarded £500.00 GBP
  • Third place £250.00 GBP

Given the lack of custom lobbies within Fall Guys the Rix.GG Crown Cup will be structured in the following way:

  • All 32 participants will be split into one of 4 beginning groups (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) totaling 8 people in each group.
  • Players will search and play public games for a set number of games.
  • Players will be awarded a performance-based score, based on the stage reached in each game.
  • The top 2 performing players from each group would then move forward into the Semifinals.
  • The Semifinals the final 8 remaining players will compete in three more games within a set period of time, to determine a final three.
  • The Grand Final will consist of the top 3 players, competing in the same lobby for three consecutive games. Players will be scored for their level of success over the three games until a champion is crowned.

The Rix.GG Crown Cup participants will be announced in due course with the finalised event dates and times.

Jamie Lewis, the founder, said: “We [Rix.GG] set out from day one to create an organisation that puts people first. We are committed to raising awareness of mental health within the gaming and esports industry.  This issue is something that is close to the hearts of everyone within our organisation and within the larger community. We are hoping to leverage the popularity and fun of Fall Guys to create a space where people can talk about mental illness and start tackling the stigma around it.”

The Rix.GG Crown Cup is open to anyone with a stable internet connection and a copy of Fall Guys. Applications will require potential participants to share links to their social media accounts, and in their own words express why they should have a chance to compete. 

Rix.GG welcomes creative responses, simply tag us on social media #RixCrownCup.

Potential participants should apply here: http://rix.gg/apply/

Organisations or influencers wanting to be involved, please contact: press@rix.gg

If you would like to make a donation to Mind directly you can, here: https://www.mind.org.uk/donate